Product Detail
PS-268 Ultrasound Height Measuring Instrument

Name: Ultrasound Height Measuring Instrument

Model: PS-268


1. Function: Measure height and broadcast height value in Chinese voice.

2. Measurement method: ultrasonic measurement

3. Measurement error: about 0.5 cm

4. Product size: 5.3 X 8.3 X 23.8 cm

5. Screen size: 3.6 X 1.6 cm

6. Net weight: about 100 grams

7. Batteries: 3 * AAA Batteries

8. Product color: orange, pink, blue


Way 1: Help others measure

1. Keep your body back against the wall, fix the top of the measuring instrument
   flat,and the bottom of the measuring instrument sticks to the wall, with the
   front facing down vertically.

2. Let the subject walk away, press the measurement button, and move the meter to
   view the data when the prompt is heard.


Mode 2: Measure by yourself

1. Pick up the measuring instrument with one hand and let the bottom of the instrument
   fit into the wall and face down vertically.

2. Stand up close to the wall, adjust the height of the meter appropriately, and place
   the head on the front of the meter.

3. Fixed the measuring instrument, move back a little, press the button, and move the
   measuring instrument to check the data when you hear the prompt sound.

Selling points:

1. Lovely appearance

2. One-bond measurement

3. Multicolor Options

4. Voice Number

5. Wireless induction

6. Automatic shutdown

Matters needing attention:
1. When the measuring instrument can measure the data, it will report the number of   
   voices. If the measurement error is made, it will prompt the voice to "beep" and 
   display "Err".
2. Please measure on the flat ground. The uneven ground will affect the accuracy of
3. Please do not measure on the floor with a protrusion at the base of the wall,
   otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the measurement.
4. Please put the measuring instrument on the vertical wall to measure, otherwise
   it will affect the accuracy of measurement.
5. Don't let children take out the batteries to play.
6. Avoid falling products from high places.
7. When you don't use the product for a long time, please take out the battery.

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