Product Detail
PS-369 99 hour countdown timer

Name: 99-hour countdown timer
Model: PS-369
Function description:
1. Countdown function: 1 group, up to 99 hours, 99 minutes,99 seconds.
2. Count up function: up to 999 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
3. There is an alarm reminder function after the countdown, with sound + flashing
   light or mute + flashing light
   Reminder, the default is one minute.
4. There are pull switches on the side, you can choose sound or mute.
5. Auto power off function: when the timer is paused and there is no button
   operation,Power off. At this time, you can press any button to wake up
   the display.
6. There are magnets, brackets and spare hanging holes on the back. Can be adsorbed
   on metal surfaces, placed on Desktop or hanging on the wall.
7. Battery: Two AA batteries.
8. Product size: 76 X 66 X 24 mm.
9. Screen size: 61 X 29 mm.
10 Net weight: about 79g.

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