Product Detail
PS-1688 Professional digital chess clock blue
Name:   Professional digital chess clock blue

1.  This is a digital Chess Clock, suitable for Chess, Chinese
    Chess, I-Go games and other games.
2.  It is powered by DC 3V voltage (two pieces of No.5 batteries)
3.  There are 8 types (42 pcs) of timing rules totally including
    countdown for single stage/multiple stages, award, time limited,
    time delay, Byo-yomi, positive timing, etc.
4.  The basic time and auxiliary parameters can be set for each timing
    rule; (excluded positive timing)
5.  Different timing parameters can be set respectively for each of left
    and right sides
6.  The timing value for both sides can be adjusted during any match.
7.  The rule parameters representing the rules for the last match prior
    to power-off will be used as those for the first match of the
    next power on.

Specification properties

1. Product size:161 X 100 X 62 mm

2. Screen size: 122 X 24 mm

3. Packing size: 188 X 111 X 67 mm

4. Carton size: 57 X 42 X 31 cm,   40 pcs/Carton,  Weight: 18 kg

5. Product N.W.: 245 g

6. Packing G.W.: 410 g

7. Color: blue

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