Product Detail
PS-389 Digital Chess Clock Timer
  • Name:   Professional digital chess clock blue
    1. Product size:176.5 X 100 X 56 mm
    2. Screen size: 142 X 28 mm 
    3. Packing size: 187.5 X 111 X 64.5 mm
    4. Carton size: 57 X 42 X 31 cm 
        40 pcs/Carton, Weight: 18 kg
    5. Product N.W.: 247 g
    6. Packing G.W.: 486 g
    7. Color: brown, blue

    PS-389 is a very compact, fashion, special well equipped, genius smart digital Clock/timer for games which can time various kinds of games, including chess, Chinese chess, I-GO game, crossword game, A-Match game and other games, etc.


Product Description

1。 DC 3V power supply (powered by two 5th batteries)
2. The parameters can be set via the bottom switch or via the top button
    Free setting parameter
3. You can set the basic time, each step plus seconds, each step time limit, the countdown time     

    and the number of times
4. Different basic time, each step plus seconds can be set on the left and right sides.
   Time limit per step, countdown time and number of times
5。 After powering off and then turning on, you can keep the rule parameters set by the bottom


Packaging & Shipping

•1 x 3in1 Chess Clock (For Chinese Chess,I-GO and Chess). 

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